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Many of  our national heroes  find  themselves unemployed, homeless  and  struggling  to  regain  their dignity. This segment  of our population  needs  our support. There  are  several reasons  for  unemployment that hinder  job  placement.  


The  Rand  Corporation  conducted  a study  of  Massachusetts  vets,  and  this is what they  found: “For  veterans  and  NG/R members  who are currently unemployed  and  looking  for  work, the most  commonly cited barriers  in  their  job  search  were not  having  the  right experience,  skills,  or  education  and  being  constrained  by health limitations, child  care responsibilities,  or  transportation. Many also  reported  that  the available jobs  did  not pay enough  or  provide  opportunities  to do  meaningful work.”  


The  unemployment rate  of  veterans in  Massachusetts  is 3.3%  of the  local workforce.  There  are  853 veterans included in  the Chefs  Table  Foundation  (CTF)  focus and  mission, and  we  invite  these  veterans to  apply  for  the  scholarship  program  for culinary  arts  that  we  offer. CTF has partnered with the  culinary school at  New  England  Center for Arts  &  Technology  (NECAT)  to  achieve  this goal. Upon  completion  of the curriculum,  on-the-job  training  is  the next  step  leading  to  job  placement.   We believe  that  this is  a  tremendous  opportunity  for  veterans,  and  yet  it  remains  a daunting  challenge to  find  potential candidates  


Chronic illnesses  also  affect  the  homeless  population.  These  issues  include  PTSD  and  drug  and/or alcohol abuse. The  VA  and  other  NGOs are  supporting  this population.  Massachusetts  is  a national leader supporting  veterans’  issues.   The  road  to  recovery, CTF  believes,  is  a  multidiscipline  strategy  that  includes  medical  and  psychological treatment.  When a  candidate  reaches  a point  in recovery  where  he/she  demonstrates  a  commitment to be  responsible and  a  desire  to  move  forward  in  life,  a  culinary  scholarship  will be  offered.    For  more  information, please  contact  Chefs  Table Foundation

phone is 617-645-9043 or


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